Why does a small business need a website?

Keep Your Local Consumers Local.

Many small business owners would argue that they don’t need a website. One Chatham business owner says “We’ve been in business 20 yrs. and we’re doing fine!” another Sarnia business owner says “Our business is too small to warrant having a website.”

Those small business owners who follow this mentality are missing out on some huge opportunities. The world is in the process of a huge change right now, that those who are not Internet savvy are unaware of….But they will be soon!

Yesterdays Marketing Methods Don’t Work
Anymore. – How Are Newspaper Ads Working For You Lately?

What many small business owners don’t realize, is that the advertising techniques that were so effective for their company five years ago is no
longer their best option. Traditional advertising techniques, while still beneficial, are not as effective without a website address.

Today’s consumer wants immediate information, and they want to research before they buy. Your news ad will catch their attention, then your website will back up your news ad with full colour images, full page details, and if you have a web-store, an opportunity to do some impulse buying right then and there!

Websites are the best value for your advertising dollar. Your site can promote, inform, and sell to anyone anywhere anytime…. without you having to lift a finger. News ads, TV and radio spots only run a short time to a select audience. A website is permanent, and has unlimited reach.

There’s No Such Thing As Local Anymore. Complacent Small Business Owners Are Getting Robbed Online.

Every business big or small who wants to be taken seriously by today’s savvy and well informed consumer needs a website.

Forget about the threat of the “Big Box” stores moving into town. Your competition has moved right into the homes of your potential customers.
Outside competition from all over the world is doing business on your turf, right now. Your store is only open 9-5, when most people are at work,
but your competitors who have websites are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Internet is the one place that your small business can compete with your local competition (or any Fortune 500), in the same place at the
same time. Websites are only a click away from each other. You have the same space and opportunity as your competitors, so take advantage of the level playing field!

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