Web Hosting

Understanding Web Hosting

Think of Web Hosting as renting a parking space for your car. You pay a monthly fee, to be able to park your car in that space. Web Hosting is basically the space you rent on the internet, to park your website. Having a website on the Internet isn’t free, you have to pay a company to keep your site on a server, that will show your site’s pages when people click to see them online.

Zero downtime – How It’s Done.

Totally Redundant Servers, Load Balancing, Two Separate Locations, Multiple Network Providers and Real-Time Back-Ups Guarantees Zero Percent Downtime.

Our web hosting guarantees absolutely zero percent downtime due to the fact our servers use load balancing, dual location storage, daily back-ups, and diesel-powered generators in case of power interruptions. All websites are available from a series of servers operating in tandem with over 60 mirrored hard drives each so that even the complete shut-down of any of our servers, or even one of our locations, will not interrupt your service.