Professional Web Design

Our Partners: Small Businesses

Many small business owners are not computer savvy, and we understand that. Obtaining a website for your small business does not have to be expensive or complicated, nor does it have to look silly or amateurish like so many of the “build your own website” templates available on the web. We at Grandstand do not prey on your lack of Internet knowledge in order to boost prices beyond reason. We use simple language to communicate, and build websites that suit your needs and budget… not ours.

Getting Started

Each site is custom designed to suit the client’s own business, and we don’t use templates unless you ask us to.

Web Hosting Included

All sites on the Internet must be stored on a server that will retrieve your site when someone calls on it. This is web hosting. Think of it as your parking space on the web. Our hosting guarantees zero downtime. Learn more about our Web Hosting.

Domain Name Included

Your Domain Name is your website’s address (e.g.: We register this name for you at no charge, and pay the annual fee until you decide to cancel. No sub-domains…you get the real thing.

Email Accounts Included

Each site comes with email accounts in your own domain name (eg:[email protected], or maybe [email protected] etc.).