Frequently Asked Questions:

I Have No Computer Skills..Can I Still Own A Website?

Definitely. We take care of the design, creation, uploading, updating and maintenance. You don't even have to know how to turn a computer on.

Why Are Your Websites So Much Cheaper Than Your Competitors? We operate on a different business model than they do. We know that our product is worth more than we charge, but we feel that by offering a cheaper introduction to the web, we will attract a greater number of clients who will hopefully return to us for future work as well. Our competitors try to get what they can in one shot, we try to build relationships that will be profitable in the future as well.

My Site Has Been Up For A Month! Why Am I Still Not On Google? Getting your site indexed by the major search engines can take time. In some cases, a lot of time. Google is usually the quickest to act. Yahoo and MSN will often drag their feet, and watch how your site does for a bit before including you in their index. There is absolutely nothing you can do to speed the indexing process once your site has been introduced to the search engines through our .xml sitemaps. Everybody just has to wait their turn.

What Is A Domain Name? Your domain name is your website address. Our domain name is It's yours, you own it, and your domain name can become a very valuable asset both for yourself, or for re-sale to another company.

What Is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is storing your website on someone's server so that it is available on the web. For a better description of web hosting, please see our web hosting page.