Web Hosting In Chatham-Kent Ontario.

Understanding Web Hosting

Think of Web Hosting as renting a parking space for your car. You pay a monthly fee, to be able to park your car in that space. Web Hosting is basically the space you rent on the internet, to park your website. Having a website on the Internet isn't free, you have to pay a company to keep your site on a server, that will show your site's pages when people click to see them online.

Best Value Hosting in Chatham Ontario.

If you already have a website, but want to save money on web hosting, Grandstand offers quality options at excellent low rates starting from $9/mo. With a Zero Percent Downtime guarantee, 24 hour emergency service, and the ability to package in monthly web updates, and a maintenance schedule, this is the best priced web hosting in Chatham-Kent Ontario. If you need Shared servers, Private Servers, or Secure Servers, we can provide any of your storage needs.

Zero downtime - How It's Done.

Totally Redundant Servers, Load Balancing, Two Separate Locations, Multiple Network Providers and Real-Time Back-Ups Guarantees Zero Percent Downtime.

Our web hosting guarantees absolutely zero percent downtime due to the fact our servers use load balancing, dual location storage, daily back-ups, and diesel-powered generators in case of power interruptions. All websites are available from a series of servers operating in tandem with over 60 mirrored hard drives each so that even the complete shut-down of any of our servers, or even one of our locations, will not interrupt your service.

Local _ Reliable.

Our provider is a publicly traded, Canadian company with two separate points of operation covering over 25,000 square feet. They've won awards as the most reliable service in 2006. Don't trust your online business to a home-server. Call if you want affordable, reliable web hosting in Chatham Ontario!

Our Web Hosting Features: