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Grandstand website design Chatham.We offer website development using top industry standards including html, CSS, PHP, Flash, ASPX and more. Our new sites are WC3 compliant and render perfectly in all browsers.

We create custom Database Applications, Content Management Systems (CMS) _ E-Commerce Solutions using MSSQL, MYSQL and Apache back-ends built to suit your specific needs.

Everything you need into one simple package with a very low price tag! No extra or hidden fees, guaranteed! The lowest price website design in Chatham Ontario, no computer skills needed - We Do It All!

Chatham Kent News Website Design In Chatham-Kent

The website designers at Grandstand are the same people who prepared the sites for CKDP, Chatham-Kent's online newspaper, as well as the Chatham-Kent search engine CKSeek. Check out both today!

Professional Website Design In Chatham Ontario!

Wondering why our company offers small business website design in Chatham-Kent at such a low price? Our great value, excellent customer service and our commitment to your success have made us the fastest growing small business website design company in Chatham, Ontario.

Our Portfolio: Features Our Recent Website Design Chatham-Kent!

See our latest client's web design in Chatham Kent. Each website is custom-made for each individual client, and no templates are used. Professional web design in Chatham Kent Ontario.

Web Hosting in Chatham, Ontario

We offer Web Hosting and Website Update Packages to keep your pages fresh and functional! We don't host your pages from our home office like some web hosting providers, we rely on one of Canada's top web hosting companies to provide our server. That means a team of experts are monitoring your online business 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week from both of their state of the art data centers. This ensures Zero percent downtime, and 100% power uptime. Web hosting in Chatham-Kent Ontario.

Featured Website Designs

Here is a sampling of our recent web development projects.

CKSeek business directory.

CKShop online mall.

Investor's site.

Website Design Package Still The Best Value!

Since opening in 2006, Grandstand continues to offer the best price and the best value on website design for small business in Chatham Ontario. Pricing on our Brochure Website Package starts at $387 for the design of your site which includes the cost of your first 4 pages, plus the $29.95/mo maintenance package which includes web hosting, domain name registration and upkeep, 5 email accounts, and one hour of update service per month! Read more about the best offer on small business website design in Chatham Kent.

Check Our Testimonials.

We have done website design for many small businesses in Chatham Kent, and Sarnia Lambton. We guarantee our customer's satisfaction, and treat every customer as if they were our first. Read our client's testimonials regarding our website design for small business in Chatham Ontario.

3 Reasons To Consider Purchasing Commercial Insurance

Though every business is different, there are a few practical rules about insurance needs. The Small Business Administration suggests that, at minimum, small businesses carry liability insurance. So what does DG Bevan Barrie Ontario actually cover? Well, the SBA says that it protects your investments by minimizing your financial risks that are associated with unexpected events such as death of partners, injured employees, lawsuits and natural disasters.

If you're looking for commercial insurance coverage Ontario companies offer a wide spectrum of options that include protection for liability, property loss, workers' comp, key person insurance, and much more. Let's discuss 10 benefits of purchasing commercial insurance coverage.

  1. Lawsuits Happen
You may have great clients, but there's always a chance that you will have to defend your company against one of them some day. If your work is a part of a larger contract, your client may actually be obligated to sue you in order to avoid liability. Without the proper insurance, you could be left with hefty legal fees. Insurance acts as a financial safeguard.
  1. You're Relying On Personal Assets
Not everyone starts a new business with all of the business capital that they need. And these cases, business owners often pull from their personal bank accounts. This means that whenever your business looses money, then you will be personally liable for it. This type of arrangement can do a lot of damage to your credit, which means that you need to have a little extra security. Commercial insurance is of great use in this scenario.
  1. There Are Other Lives Depending On You

Whether you know it or not, once you hire employees for your new business, you automatically have more responsibilities and obligations than others. That's because you are responsible for insuring their health and safety. This is particularly the case is someone is injured. In fact, in most states worker's compensation is actually mandatory. This ensures that your employees' livelihood is protected. Commercial insurance also helps to protect you against liability and judgement.

As you can see, business insurance is more than just a legal requirement. It actually helps to safe guard your business, personal assets as well as the health and life of your employees. This is why it's very important that you do your research about which plans are best for you. Sure, commercial insurance may be costly, but should anything happen the investment will be well worth it.